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»»Name: Tiptaps
»»Partay: December 1st.
»»Yrs Young: 17
»»Sign: Sagittarius
»»Song: Jet - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
»»Favorite word: Tortuga
»»Bad Habits: Kicking ice under the stove
»»Title of Life story: "The Art of Chasing Tiptaps"
»»Attitude: Yes please.
»»Best Physical Feature: My Lips
»»Quote: I'm lost....but making good time!
»»Interests: Anything to do with graphics, anime, and writing.
»»Expertise: Tripping. Over everything.
»»Worst Fear: RoAches
»»Famous Last Words: ...So...You're a cannibal...

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3 days! I don't know what I'm more excited about...the Finale or my Birthday... [27 Nov 2006|08:47pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Fanfiction.net is not being nice. I'm not happy at all with it right now.

I'm so glad that the past week is finally over! It's been the roughest week of my entire life...up to this point. For the past week I've had to babysit a bunch of GOATS. It couldn't be anything easy like children nooooo. I have a feeling God put me solely on this Earth just so he could get a few laughs. Ha!

And what's worse is that not only did I have to baby sit them...but I also had to M.I.L.K. one of them. That little monsters name was Carmen. Never.Again. I've never milked a goat in my life...but for some strange reason she took a liking to me. Not Buuchi, Not Mama...ME. I'm usually all for people liking me... but this was no person. What an expeirience. Then Mom goes and says, I'm sure it'll look good on your transcripts/resume!

Let me ask you this:


That's what I thought. 

Ok well, I got finished with another story, but I'm going to wait a while before putting it up on here. The worst thing happened. My mom found it on WordPad.  Gave me and my sister premature hot flashes and heart attacks.  
But on the bright side, she said she liked it.  *dead faint*  

I'm going to have to be more careful where I put my fics. 

Love Love, 

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I can die happy! [18 Nov 2006|02:31pm]
[ mood | ecstatic+caffienated squirrel ]

Two Words:


After watching The Earth King, I saw the fatal commercial. And promptly went spastic. My siser, who is a Kataang shipper, started huffing, and tossing pillows at me. (the Zutara shipper) Don't you know it's fun to watch episodes with 2 different shippers in the same room.


Buu on Loveseat: La-la-la Kataang forever!! *tosses pillow*

I predict, that Zuko is going to have his face healed, and then join the gaang. You know the best part about all of this?
The Season Finale, is ON MY BIRTHDAY. What a birthday present, I'm telling you.

Well anyways, after seeing that commercial I had to go work off some energy. So I ran outside and then commensed to running in circles. My sister, who is still a Kataang shipper, joined me.

I'll convert her yet.


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[17 Nov 2006|11:47am]
Alright, I finally got everything in order. And it took me forever b/c I'm just a perfectionist. -_-;
So my little sisters birthday is today! Everyone say "Happy Sweet Sixteen Buuchi!" 
(I got her the Avatar Box set of season one.) :3  

I'm gonna go get ready to go to the movies, Buuchi wants to see Happy Feet. Squee~!  

Here's the first fic! I got the inspiration from a magazine...can't for the life of me remember the name of it. But anyways, it was a way to get rid of 
embarassing hiccups. Yes, it actually does work! So, if you ever get hiccups just do what Ty lee does! 

Title: Hiccups (One-shot)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: {Tykka}
Word-count : 2,651 (I think, I'm to lazy to look it up.)

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[11 Nov 2006|07:03pm]
[ mood | determined ]

First fic will be coming soon, but first I need to work out all the kinks on my layout.

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